Showings for Spring 2015

Howdy, and I hope you all have had a good starting week to the semester!

These are the semester-long showings for Spring 2015:

Ping Pong - Adrenaline, Philosophy, and avant-garde animation.
Barakamon - A slice-of-life about a calligrapher exiled to a warm and easygoing island.
Kyousougiga - A fantastic tale of a fantastic land beyond the looking glass.
Serial Experiments Lain - A psychological, cyberpunk exploration of a possible near-future.
Jormungand - Child soldier joins a group of arms dealers. Violence ensues.
[Sunred Slot] Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san - Dogz n Catz n Yuri. 'Nuf said.

Position Available for Vice-Presidency of JAC

From our official Facebook page:

One more announcement for today! We are currently looking for applicants to become the next President and Vice President of JAC! As you may or may not know, the current president, Stephen, is graduating in December, so we need a new president for the Spring 2015 semester and onwards. The main responsibilities of the president include being the primary contact for the club, re-registering the club's status as an RSO, obtaining a booth for Quad Day, filling space request forms for club meetings and events, and arranging officer meetings to plan the club's direction. In short, really important stuff!

The Vice President position has traditionally been the seat of the person who takes over the presidency once the current president graduates. We weren't able to select a Vice President last spring, which left us with the urgent matter of finding a successor to the president ASAP. However, with this position filled at all times, the transfer of power from one president to the next becomes a much smoother process.

If you're interested in making a difference at JAC and wish to apply for these positions, all you need to do is fill out the application form here:

Officer Application

Once it's complete, you can email the form to or hand it in to an officer in-person by November 15th! Thank you so much for tuning into our club meetings, and best of luck to all!

Semester Showings for Fall 2014

Last week we began airing our shows for the Fall 2014 semester:

The Tatami Galaxy - A story of a boy and his university life. Or something like that.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun - From this Summer's season, a romantic comedy between a shoujo manga artist and his new assistant.

Gunbuster/Die Buster - The classic 6-episode mecha OVA directed by Hideaki Anno, followed by its sequel Diebuster.

Psycho Pass Extended - An extension of Psycho Pass, Season One. Season Two is coming out this Fall.

I would also like to mention that new members can suggest grab-bags on the Suggestion Thread, Facebook, and on the IRC (online client, no setup required).

If you know a show which you feel needs to be known, drop us a line on any of the three methods above!

P.S. To register on the forums, please follow this link.

Former Prez in Voice Acting Role, and Other News

-Our former President, Krystal LaPorte, is voicing the part of Shiori Asagiri for the English dub of Tamako Market. Congratulations on the role, Krystal!

-For Quad Day this year, we will be sharing a table with TechFront, so pay both of us a visit if you have any questions about either club or if you want to subscribe to the club mailing lists.

-If you have any ideas for the Fall 2014 showings, we would love to hear your ideas on the forums.

See you later this month!

Spring 2014 Lineup revealed!

This semester, we will be watching the following shows:

Silver Spoon, an adaptation of Hiromu Arakawa's manga about a city kid who moves to the country to attend a vocational agricultural high school.

Kill la Kill, Studio Trigger's first television series, about a girl who transfers into the strongest high school in pursuit of the person who killed her father.

Aoi Hana, an adaptation of a high school romance story.

Princess Tutu, a story about a girl attending a ballet academy in a town where stories come to life. She must occasionally transform into Princess Tutu to help heal her classmates' emotional injuries and restore a storybook prince's shattered heart.

As well as a bunch of grab bags to yet to be determined. Note that we're watching only the first 12 episodes of Kill la Kill, and the entirety of Princess Tutu, which means we'll be watching two episodes of it per week. Note also that Princess Tutu is the only show being shown in English this semester.

To help select grab bags, sign up for the forums by clicking on the "Forum" tab above, registering, sending me an email, and posting here.

Spring is Coming

Get on the forums to suggest shows. Be heard! John is starting to run out of ideas, so there had never been a better time to suggest things to him!

Fall 2013 lineup

Just thought I'd post the continuous lineup for this semester. These are the shows that we'll be showing in their entirety. We'll also have three other slots per meeting that we'll use to show a variety of things with no continuity.

We'll be showing:

Uchoten Kazoku a.k.a Eccentric Family
Black Lagoon 2nd Barrage

2013-2014 school year is GO!

So, we got our first meetings of the year coming up!

The first meting will be on Saturday 7 at 14:00 (2pm) at room 1404 in the Seibel Center for Computing Science.

The day after that, Sunday 8, we have our first special event: Movie Night at the Asian American Cultural Center! This event starts at 19:00 (7pm). Snacks will be provided, but if you're willing and able, please try to bring a dish to share. It'll be a fun potluck!

If you have any questions, email us at or join the forums (click on the 'forum' tab above) and ask there.

First Meeting of Spring 2013 Semester Announced!

We have finally remedied our bureaucratic worries and can start having meetings. Or first meeting will be this Saturday, February 2, at 2:00pm in 1404 Seibel Center.
Throughout the semester we will be watching:

Sakamichi no Apollon a.k.a. Kids on the Slope
Tantei Opera Milky Holmes
Black Lagoon (in English)
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (the new one)

For the first meeting's grab bag, we will be watching:

Girls und Panzer episodes 8 and 9

A show that was too wimpy for real German mädchen. We hope to see you all there!

Argue for your show!

We're on break. That means that now is the time to try to get your show on the schedule for next semester! If you can get to our Showings director, Eric Cristiansen, in person, talk to him; otherwise, he can be found on the forums (see the tab above) as that1guy, or sometimes on as T1g.
From what I know, we're especially looking for series of about 13 episodes, particularly a comedy and some sort of action/drama/detective thing, but any and all suggestions are welcomed and encouraged.